Kitty on Witch Police Radio




Spoken-word poet, interdisciplinary artist, bass player and all-around ball of creative energy KittyKittie hung out with the fellas this week in her front yard to talk about “victory” songs, sucking the pretentiousness out of poetry, avant-garde performances, and the fictional straight-edge hardcore band Globthorn on a really fun episode of the podcast.

Don’t forget to listen to our program on Sundays at midnight on 101.5 UMFM in Winnipeg (streaming on if you ain’t here) or download/stream any previous episodes from the Witchpolice archives at any time, absolutely free.

You can also check out the Live Exclusives page for MP3s and videos of live performances by some of our past guests on the show, or ‘like’ us on Facebook for a ton of other exclusive content. We’re also on Twitter and Instagram!

We’re also putting on a second Big Mix-Up, Aug. 29 at the Park Theatre! KittyKittie is among the many local artists participating! Stay tuned to the podcast and this site for more details!


Thanks for visiting KittySpace67!

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