Numerical Dyslexia and Music School

Music is my religion.

I cannot exist without it.

Love to experience and play it.

I’ve always hear music in my head, I wake at night with a tune or complete composition circulating in my mind.

Getting it out of my head onto paper is a huge obstacle. I’m numerically dyslexic, I read numbers and symbols upside down and backwards. Reading music is well to put it bluntly impossible. I’ve been to every school and instructor under the sun trying to learn theory in order to be able to write a composition, or at least understand how to compose what I hear in my head. I end up quitting out of frustration because there is so little understanding of my disability. Don’t get me wrong I don’t let it get in my way, I fumble along on my own at home and figure stuff out. I started learning guitar wanting to learn classical and flamenco guitar. Both displines are so beautiful to listen to. I moved to the bass out of frustration. The bass seems to make more sense to me, and I love the deep rich sound. I play the bass like a guitar, I have fun transposing classical guitar to the bass.

It would be great to play with other musicians but I feel intimated due to I cannot speak the language. My brain processes numerical information very differently from someone who doesn’t have dyslexia. I can keep time a play complex rhythms but I’m unable to articulate it verbally. Of course this is huge issue for education and playing with other people due to information is dispensed verbally or in text.

With the advance of technology and specialized fonts have been developed for literary dyslexia, it has creating opportunity for people where none would have existed before. I have downloaded the font and I can tell you it was so amazing to be able to read numbers without them swimming around on the page. Maybe someday there will be sheet music designed for people like me and world of music won’t be such a struggle to articulate and read.

Just a side note, dyslexia is not a disability it is a gift in its own right. Dyslexics see and experience the world very differently then most. We tend to be very intelligent and are great problem solvers due having to find ways around dyslexia in order to cope in society. I was pressured to take Ritalin which to me is basically heroin and loudly I refused. I decided to embrace who I am and learn more about it and understand it. I haven’t look back, I have found ways to make it work for me instead of against me. My mind moves at light speed giving me the ability to improvise musically like no one’s business.

Anyway below are links to information about numerical dyslexia and fonts for dyslexia if you’re curious.

I’ve used this font and it’s made a huge difference.


Peeze and stay creative and have fun. Life’s too short not to.


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