National Poetry Month

Very excited my poem Mohawks and Coffee was selected for National Poetry Month.

This year has been a busy year for writing and just giving it my all as poet and storyteller. Very excited my poem MOWHAWKS AND COFFEE has been selected and printed in the Winnipeg Free Press for National Poetry Month.  I made the semi finals for Winnipeg’s poetry slam. If I make it to the finals I will have a chance at representing Winnipeg in the Nationals poetry slam. Can’t say I regret going for what I love to do.


Chicken or the Egg?

Long day at work with lots of time for aimless thoughts.

This is where my mind took me.

The chicken or the egg.

I came up a theory.

It was neither the chicken nor the egg but a single cell organism that had a complex about being simple. That being said, it ingested a shit load jelly fish jelly and tripped out for about a week. When it came down, it was on land with scales, legs, small brain and leathery wings. Here’s where it gets very technical so pay attention, the once simple life form is now a huge dinosaur, upon realizing what happened the dinosaur shit out an egg. See where I’m going with this? Another dinosaur inheriting the complex but this time it was about the feathers. To calm the anxiety it did diet of fermented black berry shit out the ass of some smaller dinosaur to pass the time. As evolution would have it, it took several generation t to get to the chicken with a complex about constant gossiping and it shit out another egg at the prospect of being sued out of chicken coop and poop for slander. But here’s the catch, the chicken that hatched was depressed it was born on the wrong side of the road, spend hours and hours in therapy about it’s shitty situation. After thousands of dollars and heavy doses of Prozac, the fucking bird crossed the road and was flattened by a semi. Thousands of years of evolution wiped out by a truck, and that is why we will never know for certain if it was the egg or the chicken.

Such a genius I must throw myself a party.


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