Stupid Doodles … Grammar Gremlins

Class time doodles when I should be paying attention to 5 hours of grammar.

Grammar Gremlins

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Not so STupiD DoODLe

Funny what we choose to ignore.

Funny what we choose to ignore.

No One Noticed.

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Stupid Doodles



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Stupid Happy Sunny Doodle

Stupid Happy Sunny Doodle on a cold snowy day in Wnterpeg.


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Bed time doodles


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A very Stupid Doodle in a Coffee Shop

A break mid term.

A break mid term.

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Ok so here we are … welcome and thanks for your interest in Vaneeshd.
First up I must apologize for the comic, I wrote the script almost ten years ago, it’s been a real bitch getting the images out of my subconscious. It might have something to with the comic being based on my hallucinations during radiation therapy while I was fighting cancer, or maybe it was fighting me.

I’ve tried everything from thumbnail sketches, character development in photoshop, reruns of star-trek, copious amounts of chocolate, listening to YYZ by Rush  for inspiration nothing seemed to work. Vaneeshd refused to show herself, she didn’t show herself when I wrote it, why would she while I was drawing the comic? Over time I ended up grossly frustrated and decided throw down the comic, let it breath and develope on its own, allow for inconsistency, spontaneity, just sit dip the pen in ink and let go. Lord it wasn’t easy, it went against all the rules of the industry and the friggin communication arts bible! It was a practise in artistic anarchy and blasphemy.

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Well fuck if life aint been a pain in the ass .. I’ve liberated myself from my very secure.. well paying job, that I completely hated with every cell in my body … for two less then secure jobs that pay minimum wage … but holy peanuts!

I be a happy camper!!

I have time to pollute the web with really bad low brow art .. stay tuned suckers.

And yes I have a pretentious poem in the works about my shitty job I hated and finally left.

I know you can’t wait.


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