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I have to do what in order to do that?


In some ways women have come a long way, in some ways women are going backwards. The term Feminazi is not cute, or funny, it’s derogatory, and insulting to the struggles women still face. As I have said before, as long as women and men continue to embrace the unrealistic double standards society places on all of us, nothing will really change. I was warned about being a trail blazer, and the rational of that warning was, I’m not doing myself any favours. I disagree, women would still be at home trapped in a kitchen without the right to vote. In Canada men would not have the right  to take maternity leave, if it wasn’t for that one woman or man who said “Enough is enough.” So I REFUSE to starve myself to an unhealthy and unattractive weight, I REFUSE, to be demure, passive and non threatening, I REFUSE to be ashamed of aging, I REFUSE to attach my self worth with my “prettiness.” I EMBRACE my life, independence, intellect, and freedom, and the right to be the woman I want to be. I CHOOSE to be part of the solution and not the problem. I encourage, embrace and march beside men who support an equal society. If thinking and living by example marks me as a progressive individual and society sees as me a trail blazer or a problem, then so be it. Society as it stands today can kiss my ass.

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Well I can’t say I like this one very much.
First off, I forgot to set the sound levels on my camera so it sounds like shit ,and I just wasn’t feeling it.
Maybe it was because life got in the way for about 3 weeks. I find that if I’m working on a project and something disrupts the creative flow for a week or two, it’s hard to get the vibe back.
All though that is the purpose of this experiment to explore the creative process through free associatation for 8 weeks, with no edits, no plan just naked creativity for 5 minutes.
See what happen next week.

Eight week experiment of stream of consciousness.

Session 3
7 minutes.
Stream of consciousness.
No edits.
No plan.
Messy naked creativity.

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Session 3 … State of Monsanto


Session 3 

7 minutes.

Stream of consciousness.

No edits.

No plan.

Messy naked creativity.

8 words.

Social. Minstrel. Nirvana. Thrift. Abbreviates (I missed this one) Armory. Failure. Dharma.


Drumming and telling a story is full of chaotic fun.  Half my brain tapping into the constant river of nonsense in my head, the other half is thinking up beats. I’m going to continue to explore this concept. Perhaps my next series will be just that, the mess of words and beats and drums.

Thanks again to Chris of Winnipeg and Ayaladn of Arizona for your kind comments and offering of words.

Thanks for hanging out .. till next time. 

Get naked with your creativity.

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Session Two … 8 week experiment, words, sound, unbridled subconscious.


Check out my vid on Vimeo channel.

Session two seemed to be easier, I wasn’t second guessing myself or worrier about mistakes. As a result there was more freedom for my mind to wander around. It’s kind of interesting I find myself more aware of what my mind is doing and how much I listen to it.

It will be interesting at the end to watch the progress or regression what ever will come of this project.
8 week experiment of stream of conciousness.
No edits.
No plan.
Naked creativity.
Next week session 3 I need 5 words.
If you would like to participate message me 5 random words, from that word I will ramble on about it working it in and out of the piece for seven minutes.

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Well I’ve been messing around with spoken word as an art form for awhile, due to I was getting really bored with the conventional shit one hears all the friggin time at readings and poetry slams.  Click the link.


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Intrest rate work in progress


This is my Mona Lisa… can’t seem to get it right no matter what I do… been banging my head with it for months and it still sucks shit.
Feel free to comment.

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Vaneesh’d Pg 3


Pg 3 of the evolution of Vaneesh’d.

It’s getting weird.


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Vaneesh’d Page 2



Old skool pen and ink with CS6 photoshop.

I really struggled with this page, again, Vaneesh’d is being elusive. At least she let me see her from behind. Working on this comic is really odd, returning to the uncertainty, fear anxiety a critical illness can deliever is… well uncomfortable. When I was inking the page I had a flashback of drug induced panic attacks I used to get before the doctors got my meds sorted out.

Perhaps for this reason Vaneesh’d is shy, maybe she doesn’t want to see the light of day, maybe she wants to stay buried. In the dark where it’s safe and she doesn’t have to deal with the changes and impact those changes have made on her host. Who knows perhaps in page three she may say something.

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KittyPax: Emotional Zombie

Anti-Love show at The Edge Gallery, Winnipeg Manitoba.
Pax spoken word, Kitty on Bass.
All rights reserved.

Pax and I have a long time friendship, he is a mentor to me, supportive and honest.
It’s always a pleasure to perform with him, we have been tinkering with sound and spoken word and language.
As Pax reads his piece, I follow along and try to interpret the poem, add a deeper dimension to his words. I’m not interested in traditional song structure, or the creation of a song, more atmosphere and language. We are trying to find the sweet spot between sound and language, to me the two haven’t met on equal ground yet. Usually the “music tends to over shadow the spoken word, or visa versa. We are exploring the idea of meshing the two.
It’s kind of funny to perform this stuff, most don’t get it, and we get a ton of confused faces in the audience.
It’s very funny… perhaps that’s the performance.

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